FNKC was established as an Engineering, Consultancy and Procurement Company in 2018 and is based in London, UK. The company’s main activity is in the field of:

      • Water systems, water with the use of advanced water filtration systems, water treatment packages and equipment.
      • Oil & gas equipment
      • Industrial cleaning equipment.

FNKC has the capacity to cooperate closely with European and the middle east companies.

FNKC have the capability/ability to collaborate and cooperate with workshops of industrial equipment to meet our costumers’ demands such as vessels (atmospheric and pressurized), R.O. and U.F. packages, structures, platforms and skid-mounted equipment

FNKC solutions are based on the customer’s requirements, with accurate specifications and the added benefit of highest quality and competitive prices.

Our company is ready to provide services to all countries, including but not limited to European countries and the Middle East